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You may contact Ora Pro Nobis! at 870-504-0856  or

Let's begin creating something beautiful for you! 
First gather the needed information from the column to the right. 
Then call me at 870-504-0856 or email me by clicking on the link below. 
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Ora Pro Nobis! Custon Designed and Personalized Holy Cards
870-504-0856 ask for Helen

Please feel free to contact me with your questions and to order.

I am always glad for constructive feedback! Thank you in advance!

Please send the following info
when placing initial order:

  • Date of event you are ordering holy cards for.  Orders MUST be placed a minimum of four weeks before your event.  Canadian orders must be placed six weeks prior to your event.

  • Minimum order is 32 cards

  • Colors you want to use or leave this up to the matching of the colors in picture used for your holy card

  • The occasion such as will these cards be for a baptism, wedding, etc.

  • Do you have a specific picture or saint that you would like to try to use for your cards?

  • What name or names will need to be on the cards

  • Do you have a specific prayer, quote or saying that you would like to try to include

  • Lamination is included in price

  • After payment is made and as a service to you,  I can have your cards blessed by our priest. (you are not paying for the blessing, only for the holy cards themselves) This could delay the shipping and I will need to know if you want this done when we first begin the design process. I can then make arrangements with Father to bless these when I am finished and payment has been received. This is a free service to those who need it.

  • All holy cards are the approximate size of a business card.  I do have a larger size available with different pricing.  Ask me about the larger cards if you are interested in something larger than a business card.

  • A design will be created and emailed to you for your approval BEFORE any cards are printed. In an email to me you will need to write your approval and go ahead for the printing of the cards.

  • When the cards are ready to be shipped I will email you.

  • Payment can be made through my paypal account which I will give you the address for in an email. I can also take money orders or personal checks but I will hold the shipping of the cards until the check clears the bank which can take up to two weeks. Please consider this when you are ordering your cards.

  • I am very grateful to have this chance to design something beautiful for you and to provide this service and this opportunity for you to receive many, many prayers through the use of Ora Pro Nobis! holy cards. God bless you and your family and please pray for me and for my family also.

Ora Pro Nobis Holy Cards!
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