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Welcome to Ora Pro  Nobis!

All holy cards are custom designed, one of a kind, personalized holy cards so unique  that it will make your holy card different than all others.  NOT stock cards that you choose from a few pictures then your name and date are simply printed on the back!  This means your custom, one of a kind holy card will be created to reflect your personal choices, fit the sacrament or occasion and be uniquely beautiful.

Ora Pro Nobis! Holy Cards is the only company that truly gives you one of a kind, customized, personalized designs.  We match your sacrament or occasion with stunning pictures, colors, beautiful fonts and design extras that you will not find available with the other companies.  Your holy card will be TRULY unique, a REAL one of a kind treasure that will be a memorable reminder to pray!

You may choose to have a holy card designed and personalized for your own or a loved one's wedding, anniversary, a child's birth, baptism for adult or child, graduation, first communion or confirmation.  Ordinations, entering the religious life, birthdays, name days,  Mother's Day or Father's Day, as holy reminders to insert with your Christmas, Easter card or your organization's newsletter and in remembrance of your dearly departed loved ones.
There really are many ways to use them to insure others prayers for many years to come.   We all are in great need of prayer in these times we live in and the use of holy cards is not limited to any one sacrament or occasion.  And giving holy cards you will reap the benefit of prayerful support countless times and years to come.


These holy cards are NOT stock cards!

Ora Pro Nobis! Holy Cards is truly the only company that gives you unique to you, custom, personalized, one of a kind holy card designs!  In reality, NO other holy card company does what we do!

This Month's Featured Holy Cards
Espousal of Mary and Joseph

A girls patron saint graduation card

Graduation, can be for either a boy or girl

I design holy cards for all Sacraments





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